Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Untitled 10/2/07

trespass cautiously
but do not tread quietly.

If you do not
thrust the swinging doors
outwards into
the room, they
will not open

up to you. To begin to see
that which you have not
allowed yourself to


yet. Herein is the problem:

If you do not see the lucid liquid in the cup
you will only keep filling
it up until what you poured in falls out

the top without drinking– the empty center

remains, however. The cup's still shape

still shapes
the stuff you
place in there:

It does not
matter. smash
the glass and diffuse yourself

but not necessarily with your hands

maybe a mallet

would do the trick.

Beware the blue vein's scattering effect
and the vermillion tracts left on the shards of glass

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