Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another Experiment

I like hiding things I write under the word experiment as if to validate it!

This is crap, but I'd rather include the crap than filter it out. I have always subscribed to the "throwing shit at a wall and seeing what sticks" ethic. Since whatever doesn't stick and ends up on the floor or in a waste bin is still part of the larger picture. And the stuff I am happy about might benefit from whatever shit does not stick. And besides, another persons wall might be a lot stickier than mine.

A train to school
at one time
brought me to New
York City. Now it keeps me in New
Jersey. There is nothing new for me
About NJ
It is only right to abbreviate it need I be reminded
Where I am
By the snake that squirms across the tracks
That keep me firmly planted in
the state that
was born
and have always lived
in except for those two
semesters I spent in North
Carolina and New York
But those were minor distractions
from the larger homogenized picture
I still got to each by train
Whether Amtrak or NJ Transit
Funny how my in state
Takes me to that new place
Only to return
me once again
From where I came from
I have only myself to blame

Published detractions from tracks I've worked on
because mistakes can still be made
and I
only read the editorial section

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