Saturday, September 8, 2007

New Blog

I am primarly making this to post things I write. Which means for the most part poetry, lyrics and songs. However, it could also include reviews of films, analyses of other authors poems or works of art, etc. I wanted to extricate myself from my old Livejournal blog. LJ began as more of a diary for me but after some years I began posting mostly lyrics or poetry. I felt like starting fresh with a new journal or blog that did not house remnants of a bygone era of my life.

To begin, here the poem that the blog is named after.

Early Apollo by Rainer Maria Rilke

As sometimes between the yet leafless branches
a morning looks through that is already
radiant with spring: so nothing of his head
could prevent the splendor of all poems

from striking us with almost lethal force;
for there is yet no shadow in his gaze,
his temples are yet too cool for the laurel crown,
and only later from his eyebrow' arches

will the rose garden lift up on tall stems,
from which petals, loosened, one by one
will drift down on the trembling of his mouth,

which now is yet quiet, never-used, and gleaming
and only drinking something with its smile
as though its song were being instilled in him.

translated by Edward Snow

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mcunningham said...

Thanks for posting the lovely translation by Snow.
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